Sahara Desert + Moisture Madness Bundle

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Sahara Desert + Moisture Madness Bundle

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Did you know that it is possible to have a successful hairstyle that lasts for days and is soft to the touch, without all of that crunchy residue?

If you're tired of hair companies that have not yet figured out how to properly moisturize natural hair, Harabi Beauty haircare products is the moment you've been waiting for! Each of our products have gone though extensive testing on ladies who have different hair types and porosities! All of our products absorb easily into your strands, increasing the elasticity and flexibility of your hair, which in turn drastically reduces unnecessary breakage and shedding. We paired together the best botanical ingredients that not only nourish your strands, but provide that long lasting moisture that your hair craves! And did I mention they are whipped to perfection, so no need to worry about unwanted residue! Get excited about wash day, and unlock the beauty in your tresses now!

Get this MOISTURE packed deal when you select the Sahara Desert + Moisture Madness Bundle!

Moisture Madness
 is a leave-in conditioning cream formulated to replenish dry, thirsty hair with moisture-rich ingredients that will leave your hair extremely soft to the touch for more than just a day! This amazing formula contains some of the most effective moisturizing agents on the market: Aloe Vera, Mango Butter, and Sweet Almond Oil, soften and instantly hydrate your delicate tresses, while promoting the elasticity and flexibility the hair needs to retain length! This leave-in is perfect especially for those that have low to medium porosity hair that is difficult to hydrate!

Moisture Madness will provide the moisture needed to help decrease those annoying single strand knots! 

To learn more about Moisture Madness and for a list of ingredients, click here

Sahara Desert is a moisturizing hair and scalp oil blend, infused with aloe and fenugreek to provide moisture, softness, and strength all at the same time! This miracle in a bottle is formulated with the necessary ingredients to provide your thirsty hair and dry scalp with the moisturizing nutrients needed for your hair to thrive! To see optimum hair growth and length retention, your scalp must be nourished, and in order for you to retain length to see your growth, your hair strands must have a balance between strength and moisture!

Sahara Desert absorbs easily into the scalp's pores and hair shaft, encouraging new hair growth and providing the moisture you hair desires! And don't let me get started on the luster your hair will have without all the greasiness!

To learn more about Sahara Desert and for a list of ingredients, click here


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