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January 19, 2020 2 min read

Type 4 hair has gotten every natural hair beauty company promising moisture. This is because they are aware that even if the curly and coily hair scalp produces sebum (oil), this oil never reaches the shaft due to the afro-textured nature; thus, our type 4 hair remains dry. And for this reason, there are a million hydrating and moisturizing products flooding the market all promising the goods.  

Photo by Jessica Felicio on Unsplash - Natural Hair Type 4

Moisturizing your type 4 hair requires more than spreading oil all over your strands. It requires knowing your hair porosity, curl pattern, creating a good hair care routine, knowing your scalp, and understanding the ingredients you are applying to your hair, and their roles! Ahead we have expert-approved kinky coils tips to effectively moisturize your type 4 hair.


Your Hair Loves Water

Type 4 hair loves water, but this is not asking you to wash your hair every day. You can keep your hair moisturized by spritzing with water until it is damp, not wet! Also, stay hydrated. Drink water depending on your body’s capacity but the recommended dose of water a day is two liters.

Find A Moisturizer Containing Water

The struggle continues, finding a good moisturizer can be a hefty job. The truth is the best moisturizers must have water as their first or second ingredient- most type 4 hair ladies don’t know this, a moisturizer that lacks water will not give you the moisture you require. To get this product on your next shopping trip look or ask for water-based hair moisturizer.

Moisturizers should be used daily even during cold seasons to keep your curls and coils looking refreshed and preserving your hairstyle.


Moisture Madness Leave-in Conditioner for dry hair

Use Moisture-Aided Tools

Tools also play a significant role in locking moisture to your tresses. Invest in satin scarfs, bonnets, hats, sheets, pillowcase and scrunchies- to tie your pony. When drying your hair either you plop by drying with an old Tee or use a microfiber sheet.

Another tool is a shower filter, it filters and purifies the water from substances like chlorine that could cause possible damages to your hair. It also balances the pH of your hair promoting healthy strands.

Condition and Deep-Condition Regularly

Conditioning your hair is very important, it helps replenish the natural oils/moisture the shampoo/washing has stripped; the process raises your hair cuticle and conditioning help to lay them flat. Photo by Roberta Sorge on Unsplash - Olive oil for natural hair

One of the most critical moisturizing agents is the deep conditioner. Regular deep-conditioning promotes hair growth, it seats in your hair long enough to penetrate your strands and roots. Both hair products should have natural ingredients and make sure your deep-conditioner contains olive oil- it has high penetrating power making it different from the typical conditioner.

Mini Tip:deep-condition at least every one to two weeks.

Use A Sealant

After applying the right moisturizing products to your hair, you have to seal the moisture. Suitable sealants are natural oils like almond, castor, coconut or jojoba oil and shea butter. Your hair will be super soft and styling would be easy but avoid heavy manipulation/ frequent touching of your hair.

Mini Tip: Do not use gels and stylers with water ingredient as moisturizers, they provide definition, not moisture. And stay away from sulfate products.

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